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The past The Past

In the beginning there was sausage
- meat, bread and seasoning.
These ingredients were put together
in convenient packs called sausages
and people still love them to this day.
But we knew there was a better,
healthier way.

We discovered a unique vegetarian
casing made from seaweed and rice, and set about trying to create the bestest, tastiest, yummiest, healthiest vegetarian sausage the world has ever seen!

Our 'food magicians' worked day and night, until they finally created the
amazing Secret Sausage.

Secret Sausages contain no meat, and three quarters of each one is simply
yummy vegetables and rice.
The rest is made up of the following; water - to make them succulent, herbs & spices to make them tasty, and some vitamin C to keep them fresh.

We think it qualifies as a 'Super Food'
and we hope you agree.


The Present The Present

We are young and enthusiastic.
We want you to taste our fabulous sausages for yourself.
So we decided to do what everyone
with a great idea does - we are going
on a road trip!

The Secret Sausage Van

We bought a 40 year old VW campervan, who will transport us to loads
of shows, festivals and events all over the country.

He's received some minor conversions
to allow us to cook and serve our
sausages straight from the van anywhere we feel the need!

We had a great launch at Ideal Home Christmas show, in Earls Court. Now we are working on getting our products out to market!

We are off to V Delicious in Olympia on the 7th to 9th June. We would love to see you there on stands 204 & 208.


The Future The Future

Who knows what will happen?
We would love to see our amazing sausages on everyone's plates soon, but we cannot do this on our own. We need friends, family and everyone else to help us send out the healthy message and try our yummy products.

We will try our best to visit your town or city and let you have a munch on our Secret Sausages. If you want to keep up with all of our exciting healthy news and tips please follow us on twitter or facebook and let us know what you think.


Tweet us at @Vegindisguise or follow us on Facebook Secret Sausages. If you love us, please LIKE us on Facebook, and tell all your friends and family.

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