“Hey BBC…you should have spoken to Foodmaker's parent company, Scobie & Junor!”

Did you catch the BBC documentary ‘The Truth About…Meat’? If not, then it’s worth watching. It’s currently available on the BBC’s iPlayer so check it out – and then come back and read what we’ve got to say….

The BBC presenter Chris Bavin was on a mission to find out if any types of meat are safe to eat. At one point he focused on processed meat and sodium nitrate. He claimed that:

Sodium nitrite, which is used in processed meats to keep bacteria at bay and reduce risk of serious illness, is at the centre of worries surrounding processed meats and cancer. The shelf life of meat is extended, but when nitrate reacts with stomach acid, it can form a compound that is cancer causing.

Nitrate solution according to the BBC…

The BBC documentary then claimed a potential solution to the problem with nitrates in processed meat was a…

Secret formula… which includes a Green Tea extract. The documentary showed a scientist who is developing a solution for processed meats which reduces the cancer causing chemical resulting from nitrate by 50%. However, the “secret mixture” is still in development, so there isn’t yet a commercial version of it available to use…

Oh dear BBC……

Foodmaker's parent company, Scobie & Junor, have a solution…

Nitrate Replacement solution – Scobie & Junor staff were rather bemused by the trumpeting of the green tea solution. The BBC should have done more homework and spoken to Scobie & Junor….

Why? Because we already have a nitrate replacement solution, which is far superior to the scientist’s green tea. Furthermore, our solution is not still in development – it’s actually ready and available for use by meat processors – a solution which is tested, approved and backed by numerous scientists.

Thanks to Scobie & Junor, meat processors no longer need to use nitrate in their processed meats. This is a major game changer – now you can eliminate many fears (whether justified or not) which some people have over processed meat and nitrates.

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