Do you eat food past the sell by date? And how much sugar is in that muffin you had at Starbucks!?

The hidden calories that are in some of the foods available in fast food restaurants is under scrutiny. Restaurants, Cafe's and Pubs will be named and shamed unless they make food portions smaller or less sweet, health secretary has said.

This is all part of the Government's bid to tackle obesity, though does this just mean smaller servings at the same cost and increased margin for the powerhouses in fast food? The likes of Pizza Express, Starbucks, McDonald's and Five Guys. They have all been told to “step up” by reducing sugar and yes one of the suggestions is to simply reduce the size of desserts, cakes and croissants...a big sigh for all of the cake fans out there, as if paying £2.90 for a Starbucks muffing wasn't bad enough!

A figure has been put to the effort in that within the companies key products a 20% reduction in sugar has been targeted.

"Going out to eat is no longer a treat. It's a regular habit for many families and is contributing significantly to the extra calories and sugar that we all consume on a daily basis. We can't ignore the changing habits of consumers. This means we expect the whole of the out-of-home sector - coffee shops, pubs and family restaurants, quick service restaurants, takeaways, cafes, contract caterers and mass catering suppliers - to step up and deliver on sugar reduction." is the message from the Government.

Jamie Oliver is also in on the act and has indicated that he will campaign to kick the tories out of office if they fail over childhood obesity.

This reduction in sugar will also spread throughout the food industry and become an increasing focus. Speak with Foodmaker about our low sugar glazes and rubs, also other healthier initiatives, to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

From reducing sugar to reducing waste...

The amount of food that is wasted in the retail sector is astonishing! In 2015, the UK was at the top of the pile when it came to the tonnes of food wasted per year (Eurostat). Half the food that is grown or produced on this planet is wasted. Over 1 billion tonnes of food is wasted per year.

Enter The Real Junk Food Project This amazing organisation is a network of Pay as You Feel Cafe's across the country who divert food destined for waste and use it to create delicious and healthy meals. They have now moved on from the noble cafe to opening a complete warehouse location in Leeds. This again is based on a Pay as You Feel strategy where consumers can pay with money, time or even skills.

The warehouse can receive up to 10 tonnes per day of surplus product from local business and retail. Project founder, Adam Smith, told the BBC: "Usually we donate it [leftover food] to local schools but over the summer we ended up with all this surplus and we wondered how we would get rid of it, we moved it to one part of the warehouse, put a notice up on social media asking people to come and get it, and it just went mad."

You can find out more about the Real Junk Food Project here and how you, or your company, can get involved here

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