Garlic powder cost is at an all time high, but there's a solution to reduce this cost

Foodmaker have developed a Garlic Replacement Recipe, made from natural ingredients which can mimic the flavour of garlic in the recipe...whilst halving the current cost!! If garlic is in your recipe at above 5%, tweaking the recipe to include this will offer great financial benefits.

The price of garlic powder is only going one way currently, and that is up! There has been evidence of perhaps the crop being frost bitten and yields may be down, but it looks like China has been exporting more than it has produced for a number of years now; so how safe or ‘real’ the numbers are no-one really knows.

The fact is China contributes 90% of the world production, plantings are up over 7% this year and though there are again rumours of frost damage we know that the planet is warmer (El Nino is still around). As a result, most are taking reports of cold weather in China with a pinch of salt. In the past few months there has been little to no garlic coming out of China. Yields are down a bit, but there is plenty of Garlic in China.

New crops are due from the smaller areas at the end of May. The larger areas, Shandong for example, won't be releasing new crops until June when the market cost may or may not reduce. Is this spike due to poor harvests? Perhaps, though there is also speculation of manipulation of the market within the supply chain! Either way, Foodmaker believe we have a solution...

Contact Us to find out more about controlling the price increase you've probably had for garlic powders!

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