The Rise of Gluten Free; a trend or here to stay?

Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Lidl; every store you go in you will be fronted with various Gluten Free offerings. 15 years ago Free From products were only available in specialist shops or online. Fast forward 5 years and there were a few Free From products on the shelves, another 5 years goes by and we have Free From Free From aisles!! Just how much is Gluten Free and Free From going to grow?

The increase in the amount of gluten free launches in the retail world has been rapid since 2006; growing to the number of launches in 2016 being 16% of the total throughout that year (see Pic 1). Mintel data also supports a strong growth curve for the desire for gluten free products, some 37% year on year. This desire is continuing on the growth part of the life cycle.

Along with these launches, and the predicted growth, also comes market value which from 2013 – 2015 grew from circa £160million to £247million! (See Pic 2) The main drivers for this growth? Well only 20% of the market eat gluten free products due to a gluten intolerance; a greater figure of 28% simply believe these products to be more “natural” than the standard alternative, and a massive 46% say that consuming these products makes them feel better (healthier) than the standard [free-from-foods 2016].

Gluten free products are getting better and better; gone are the days of tasteless, stodgy cake and gritty meat products caused by the gluten free rusk/flour they contain. That along with support now from major high street food outlets gives only one conclusion to the opening question...Gluten Free is here to stay, and is just getting started!!

If you're interested in gluten free products Foodmaker and Scobie & Junor have a full range. Also our own sole supplier licensed gluten free rusks; which based on market research are more cost effective than the alternatives, hydrate more effectively, offers a greater margin to the producer and most importantly higher quality products to the customer. Let us know if we can help Find out more

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