Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino weekend

One of the biggest names in the coffee industry is to have a huge push to grow sales by releasing new products. With a new CEO in place, Kevin Johnson, who will have to ensure the franchise remains profitable and innovative after the company has not been hitting their sales targets. Starbucks also have an "aggressive expansion" plan to further push this growth in sales and availability to the consumer in certain markets. All of these plans are running alongside the work that is being undertaken with Pepsi Co to develop Frappuccino chilled coffee.

One of Starbucks' new products hit the headlines this weekend, this was the Unicorn Frappucino. This drink caused a viral internet reaction and was received with mixed reviews from Baristas and consumers; and gave us some great internet memes! It was an excellent marketing project and drove a lot of internet traffic to Starbucks.

The product only ran for four days, and hasn't been launched in the UK...yet! Though with the rise in popularity of "Unicorn Foods" (yes, that is a thing), it's likely a version of it will be launched in the UK.

A Unicorn Frappucino; what a time to be alive.

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