Food Safari: 10 dishes from around the world not to be missed - Yakiniku

In this series of blogposts, Foodmaker will take you on a food safari and show ten dishes from around the world that are not to be missed. Some will have been tried and tested, some will be recommended and others would require the adventurous side to come out in us!

The truth is there's hundreds of different dishes that could be on this list, but we've done our best to narrow it down. Why have Foodmaker made this list? To better understand flavours of the world and what we can do with them as a business. Keep checking in to the blog to see the compete list!

Number 1 - Yakiniku 焼肉

焼 or Yaki meaning "to grill/grilled" in this instance (it can also mean broiled or pan fried) and 肉 or Niku which means "meat", thus the literal translation of this would be grilled meat; or Japanese BBQ. Japanese BBQ sauce has very unique characteristics with a balance of sweet & spicy; flavours coming from garlic, apple, mustard, chilli and pepper. In Yakiniku restaurants diners will usually be invited to cook their own slices of meat or vegetables on a griddle in the middle of the table. In western restaurants beef and chicken are the typical favourites, though in more authentic restaurants you will find a large offering of offal. Pork and seafood are typically on the menu as well. For the big eaters among us, try and find a yakiniku which offers tabehodai (all you can eat).

Yakiniku sauces are typically used to marinade meat over night for a deep flavour but can also be used as a stir in sauce for stir fries and over meat, or as a dipping sauce for tempura dishes and others.

Some restaurants to consider if you want to try this style of dining yourself: Jin Go Gae (New Malden), Seoul House Restaurant (Cardiff), Kintan (Kings Cross).

If you're interested in trying these flavours you can order FREE samples of our authentic Japanese sauces here Yakiniku

Any dishes you think should make the "10 dishes from around the world not to be missed" list? Let us know!

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