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"Food porn" is a phrase that's somewhat over used now, but Foodmaker have posted up a few pictures of dishes from our flavour trend presentations lately (more of which can be seen in this post) and they can legitimately be labelled #foodporn on any social media account. I am very proud to be part of a company that is creating these amazing seasonings and presenting them in such a way which is grabbing the attention of our customers, infusing them with inspiration to then present these flavours to their customers; thus our companies grow together.

Gone are the days of seasoning suppliers just selling pallets of seasonings, well for Foodmaker they are anyway. We're looking to work closely with our select customer base to develop, trial, improve and launch great products that will help and support both our businesses and achieve the main goal in the food game - give great value to the end consumer whereby they'll keep returning again and again to store or restaurant.

The Foodmaker trend presentation is the best flavour presentation we've seen and sets a new benchmark (NPD Manager, large processor supplying to the retail multiples)

The trend presentations are just one way we work closely with our customers. We also conduct full day workshops in our Innovation Kitchen in Foodmaker, Corby whereby we start with a flavour presentation and actively work throughout the day with our customer to tweak and re-trial seasonings. The aim; for our customers to leave the day with a select number of seasonings they love and have developed with Foodmaker to take out to their customers. What's amazing about this concept is that our customers take real ownership over the seasonings and can go on to present them in full confidence.

For your evening meal inspiration here are some ideas from our presentations:

Chorizo, manchego & red apple sausage

Spain, a favourite holiday destination, has inspired this flavour combination. Spicy Spanish Chorizo sausages (pronounced ‘chor-eetho’) are made all over Spain. There are lots of regional varieties but all are made with pork and flavoured with pimentón (smoked paprika). We have combined this with one of Spain’s best-known cheeses, Manchego, and added a little sweetness of our very own home grown red English apple. We've served this with Spanish dips, Tapas style.

Persian lamb

The Middle Eastern influence is increasing in demand. Tesco Finest Persian Chicken Pomegranate Salad, Waitrose Persian inspired Harissa & Sour Cherry cooking sauce and Sainsburys Persian Chicken salad are all relatively new to the market and brag a Middle Eastern flavour. We've served Persian spiced lamb rump with Arabic flatbread, tzatziki, cous cous & pomegranate as a tear and share option.

Gluten free herb crumb coater with truffle oil

Using our own innovative Gluten Free rusk this 100% single ingredient rusk is unlike all other alternatives on the market, and because of this it's far more cost competitive and clean label. You can actually achieve a cost neutral recipe in sausages and burgers compared to standard rusk! It will also work as a breader and coater, and we've just perfected an orange breader for ham too!

Products such as Tesco Finest Portobello Mushroom and Truffle Girasoli, Waitrose Urbani Olive Oil with White Truffles and Laquila London Trefoil White Truffle Flavoured Extra Virgin Oil are good indicators that Truffle Oil is on demand. The flavour of this is refined, high class and simply beautiful...and that's coming from someone that doesn't typically like mushrooms!! Served with mushroom risotto and parmesan cheese.

Peri peri pork belly skewers

Flame grilled on Foodmaker's indoor BBQ. The twist on a now "classic" flavour, served on pork belly (a very trendy cut currently). There is a move towards Portuguese flavours, these flavours are fast becoming staples in foodie conversations. A great idea for the BBQ season.

Adobo pork chops served with green papaya salad, rice and crackers

A meat lovers favourite and beautifully served on a panel board. This gives a cave man feel to eating an amazingly seasoned pork chop, and a refined pallet cleansing experience with the papaya salad. A blend of textures and mouth feels which need to be experienced.

Pork ribs coated in Yakiniku sauce

You don't need a fork here, it's time to get messy! Foodmaker are not just dry seasoning specialists, we also work in wet sauces and marinades supplied in sachets and bulk packs. Japanese flavours are emerging stronger into the market; sushi bars are now as common as Nando's and Pizza Express, and we're now seeing more and more Japanese BBQ spots opening up. Yakiniku literal translation is "grilled meat", or BBQ as a rough meaning. This Japanese BBQ sticky sauce has very unique characteristics with a balance of sweet & spicy; flavours coming from garlic, apple, mustard, chilli and pepper. It simply works on whole muscle; add it to a Panasian salt and pepper burger and great things happen in your mouth.

Texan link served with honey and jalapeño glaze

What's not to love here!? We're always working on that "Christmas centrepiece"; well at Foodmaker we believe in BBQ, and we believe there should be a BBQ centrepiece too. Here is the candidate. Andy Benn, Foodmaker Head Development Chef, spent time researching Deep South recipes and came up with his own version. This was then translated into a seasoning recipe by the Foodmaker technologists and him, resulting in a masterpiece of BBQ and pork heaven. Throw that on a plate at the BBQ (or in front of your customers) and they'll certainly be a reaction!

All the dishes have been presented in various Foodmaker presentations, we'd love to hear about your requirements and come and show you some of our work. I'll be posting more pictures from development work going forward including more seasoning on pork, glazes and rubs on chicken, fish and our bakery/pie range among others. Please take a look at the Foodmaker blog also, and stay hungry!

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