Technology is changing the way we shop even more – delivery to your door within an hour!

The differences in the behaviour of consumers now compared to twenty years ago, even ten years ago, is very much like chalk and cheese and will continue to change. Consumers are becoming much more aware of all aspects of their food and the way they buy. We've seen an increase in the yearning to understand the origin of product which is covered in a previous blog post. To really appreciate the differences in the buying habits we must of course factor in the use of technology. Let's just think about Amazons offering, Prime Now. You can order groceries, beer and many other items and have them delivered in an hour or two to your door in certain areas!

Are Amazon really bringing "Back to the Future" style shopping to the UK?! Think Back to the Future II, Marty steps out of the time traveling DeLorean and he is met with 3D electronic bill boards, hoverboards and DELIVERY DRONES. This is another innovation now passed by UK authorities for development; Drones that deliver within 30 minutes of order through the Amazon Prime service. Some day we'll be sponsoring delivery drones and seeing several retail branded drones whizzing around our sky...I'm sure they'll be a 5p charge for something, or an overly sassy voice like the self service check outs.

Marketeers, manufacturers and retailers must now look at these trends to really understand how they will continue to portray a message to a customer that may no longer even go into a store. The message of brand quality, transparency of production and raw material and the correct value offering. We're also now seeing much less sensitivity to the high level brands, and greater push to overall value of quality and price.

There are so many variables to consider when creating a value proposition; the health angle, the lower price is best angle, same weight lower price, premium...who says shopping is simple!?

Of course these trends are making it more and more important for the manufacturer and retailer to identify accurately their target market and develop products which serve trends and benefit the consumer. Check out the On Trend tab if you're looking for ideas.

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