I’m paid to watch The Great British Bake Off!

Well not me personally, but someone is, what a fantastic job! Morrison’s have employed their first ever “Bake Officer”. The position was awarded to Anastasia Ducanson.

The purpose of the Bake Officer is to identify trends on the programme and ensure the demands of the customer are met. It was after sales of glace cherries rose by 163% last summer during the peak of The Great British Bake off season, also a 110% rise in sales of almond extract was recorded during the same time!

Ducanson was part of the bakery buying team before taking on this role, and will be in charge of ensuring the home baking section of the 492 Morrisons’ stores stay stocked ready for the influx of amateur bakers. Ducanson has said within an interview “some of the trends I expect to see are metallic frosting, edible glitter and cake lace effects, as well as gravity-defying cakes, which use special equipment". Let’s see if she is right as we get more involved with Mary Berry and The Great British Bakeoff, hopefully no more spats between her and Gregg Wallace around the “class war”. Kudos to the Morrisons’ marketing department also for capitalising on this story!

It's also great to see these popular culture influences being capitalised on for the impact on trends that they have. Trend spotting is no longer about just the restaurants in the big cities; there's so many more places that inspiration can be found now. That could be the Television, but also YouTube and the overhead style cooking videos of about 60 seconds...who hasn't seen one of these on their social media feeds?!

Foodmaker will soon have their Summer 2017 forecast document uploaded to the On Trend section of this site, here you will be able to see the trending flavours in a wider portion of the market than bakery. There will be a blog post soon about this, keep checking in for Foodmaker and industry news.

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