We can match any flavour, and using our sensory evualation techniques get it right quickly first time. Anyone can try to match, but we beleive we can do it faster and better than anyone else.

Here's how:
Reverse Engineer
Break out Raw Materials
Sensory Evualation

Product Improvements

Removing Undesirable Raw Materials
Re-engineer Products to Reduce Cost
Replicate Recipes For Other Dietary Requirements

Our Development Process

Step 1. Capturing the Brief

Although it seems obvious, understanding your requirements at an early stage is the first vital step in getting the right product developed for you.
Our experienced technical sales team will work with you to ensure we get your brief right.

Development can start completely from scratch, come from one of our existing product bases or be an improvement to one of your existing products.

At this stage not only will we discuss your flavour requirements but the full product overview including desired packaging, unwanted ingredients (e.g. hit lists), specific targets (e.g. FSA 2012) and any other requirements you may have.
Foodmaker Lab
Foodmaker Lab

Step 2: Developing the Sample

Using our Spidergram and all of the other information we have gathered from you, our NPD team combine this and work their magic! From Regulatory Compliance through to our Flavourologists and Sample Blenders, the team use the freshest ingredients to create the seasoning that matches your brief. Their creation is then assessed by an internal Flavour Panel.

We understand that time is always of the essence and we aim to complete all sample requests within 48 hours. For complex requirements that require specialised raw materials we may require a little longer.

Step 3: Sample Evaluation

Only when the above is all complete do we release the sample to you for your evaluation. Depending on your requirements, our prefered approach is for us to either come to your facility to taste the sample with you, or for you to visit our development labs and taste your sample along side the development team.

Capturing your feedback at this stage is as important to us as the initial brief. We provide sample evaluation systems that assist you and your team in assessing our creation.

Feedback from your trials can be captured in person by one of our technical sales team, online via our secure logged in samples section or on paper to be posted back.

Foodmaker Lab

Our Knowledge

We stay ahead of the competition by many innovative actitivities; and knowledge is one of those.

Our Knowledge systems are made up from various data sources; from the FDA, market research, suppliers, customers etc. Our main systmes comprise of:
  • Worldwide Spice Harvests
  • EC Plant Numbers
  • Undesirable Raw Materials
  • FSA Salt Targets
  • Allergens
Click here to become more knowledgeable in any of our key areas. All databases let you have a limited result set so you can see the value we hold.

Sensorary Evaluation Techniques

We use a range of sensorary techniques to make sure that real science backs up the heart behind our flavour creations. This sets us apart from the competition. Get you coat, we are going home.

  1. Triangle Testing: We use this to identify if there is a percieved difference. Normally carried out by an untrained panel this gives us guidnce when we are matching a product.

    Additionally we use it in evaulating new raw material suppliers or crop changes; by checking there is no significant difference we ensure that raw materials stay as consistant as posssible.

    We use standard statistics in this test, and operate to British Standard BS EN ISO 4120:2007 Sensory analysis. Methodology. Triangle test

  2. Key Attritubites Testing: Normally carried out by our trained panel, the key attritubtes of the product are identified and then scored. We call this out Spidergram test.

    Sometimes experienced customers join us in setting the Flavour Profile Descriptors & Lexicon, and then using our tech we can overlay various different sampes to visually see the differences.

  3. Hedonic Testing: we use a 9-Point Hedonic Scale to assess like-ability. The range of possible scores is from Dislike Extremely through to Like Extremely.

    We use this test mainly in final products; to assess if the consumer scores a one product higher than another. A simple test of likeability.

  4. Feed-Back Evaluation This test is done exclusively buy our customers. A simple way of assessing our samples, and giving instant feedback on line to out flavourists.

The Spidergram™

The Spidergram working example. Its is our unique piece of technology which visualises all organoleptic aspects - taste, visual, aroma and texture.

Using this we can visualise an existing product and understand what adjustments you need to create your ideal blend.

Try it:..As you move the sliders for the different tastes, it overlays a new spider which then our flavourisists can try to match.

Adjust Flavour ProfileScore
White Pepper Flavour

Packaging Options

Our packing machines offer extremely accurate fill weights allowing us to pack in standard or specific batch sizes from 0.5 to 20kg in blue sachets, ripp n flow sacks, or in pails

Click here for greater detail.

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