► Sweet Chilli  GF 
Crunchy peppery coater, that is one of our favourites Sweet with a spicy chilli kick
► Garlic and Wild Rosemary Garlic Butter
A delicate taste of fresh sweet mint - a must for all cuts of lamb
► Pepper, Garlic & Rosemary
Zesty flavours with visual herbs
Great British
A fresh mint taste with a subtle sweetness
► Roasted Honey  GF 
Sweet honey, with cinnamon, ginger and cloves
Hot & Sour
► Hot & Sour
A typical Asian inspired glaze with its full on flavour and appearance bursting with heat and tang
Hot & Spicy
► Hot & Spicy
A spicy glaze infused with chilli's and peppers
► Hot & Spicy  GF 
Fiery heat, loaded with chillies, garlic and pepper
► Tandoori
An authentic tasting tandoori glaze, perfect complimented by the smoky BBQ.
► Tikka
A true taste of India in this delicious traditional tasting tikka glaze
► Stifado
A gorgeous traditional Greek Casserole
► Italian
Buttery flavour which complements the garlic ideal on mushrooms
► Mediterranean
A herby blend of basil, coriander and garlic
► Moroccan
Sweet tomato base loaded with Mediterranean herbs
► Sweet Italian
Sweet tomato base with Mediterranean herbs
► Spicy Mexican
Spicy glaze infused with chillies and peppers
North Americian
This fiercely fiery chilli glaze is a must for anyone that craves heat with a complementing tangy back note.
Out There Flavours
► Orange and Herb
Traditional sweet and sticky maple glaze
► Redcurrant & Rosemary Steakado
A pale orange blend with visual red peppers and herbs with coconut & ginger aromas A blend of a subtle fruity taste balanced with lots of visual rosemary
► Pepper Steak
Spicy with a hint of apricot
► Sweet Red Pepper  GF 
Italian themed blend of tomato and red pepper
Piri Piri
► Piri Piri
Visual peppers - adds heat to any meat
► Piri Piri
A hot and spicy with herbs and a mild chilli taste
South American
An authentic blend from the deep south.
South East Asia
► Chinese
Deep red in colour, and loaded with aniseed
► Coconut & Coriander Red Thai Garden Mint
A pale orange blend with red peppers and a sweet coconut aroma
► Fiery Madras
Loaded with coriander, cumin, paprika and ginger
► Korean BBQ
A take on the traditional Korean cuisine bursting with garlic, onion and chilli all rounded off with the natural sweetness of honey
► Oriental Salt & Chilli
This authentic Szechuan inspired glaze has a unique peppery under tone complimented with warm ginger, chilli and aniseed
► Red Thai
A tasty & visual sprinkle combination, warming chilli heat and peppers with fragrant herbs and a refreshing hint of lime.
► Sticky Sweet & Sour  GF 
A sweet, zingy tomato glaze with a fruity pineapple twist
A spicy smokey glaze - gives a deep brown colour and a rich BBQ flavour
► East Coast
Inspired by the East Coast of America a spicy glaze not for the faint hearted
► Maple
Sweet, sticky Canadian inspired glaze.
► Smokey BBQ  GF 
Smokey & spiced with chilli, garlic and pepper
► Texan
All American spicy meat rub

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