Bridies & Pasties
► Cheese & Onion Pastie
Our delicious cheese sauce mix makes a great quick and easy cheese sauce Ideal for use in ready meals like macaroni and lasagne, or even cheese & onion pasties
► Onion Bridie/ Pastie
A family favourite, or just good for a snack, - keeps the nation going
Chicken Pie
► Chicken and Ham Pie
It does not require heat to thicken, perfect for pies, pasties and slices
► Chicken Sauce
Use as is for Chicken, Chicken & Mushroom or Chicken & Sweetcorn pies
► Creamy Chicken Gravy
A rich creamy mix which does not require heat to thicken
► Creamy Chicken Pie
A rich creamy mix, perfect for chicken pies, pasties and slices
► Hunters Chicken Pie
A smokey BBQ mix, for a great tasting pie, pastie or slice
Cornish Pastie
► Cornish Pastie Seasoning
A traditional peppery style Cornish Pastie
► Balti Pie
A spicy curry mix for great tasting pies, pasties or slices
► Caramelised Onion Pie
A rich sweet onion mix a firm family favourite
► Creamy Pepper Pie
A rich creamy mix with a peppery kick. Perfect for chicken, beef or lamb
Sausage Roll
► Colour Free Sausage Roll
A traditional tasting sausage roll, just free from all artificial colours
► Cumberland Sausage Roll
An abundance of pepper, sage, parsley and thyme
► Hot & Spicy Sausage Roll
Not for the faint hearted!
► Lincolnshire Sausage Roll
Loaded with sage and black pepper, a delicious well rounded flavour
► Pork & Apple Sausage Roll
Real apple pieces complemented with a delicate sprinkle of herbs
► Pork & Leek Sausage Roll
An English classic, Pork & Leek - a winning combination
► Sage & Onion Sausage Roll
Another traditional favourite, sure to keep your customers coming back for more
► Sausage Roll Seasoning
Our Traditional Sausage Roll Mix, a favourite for over 20 years, makes a fantastic, traditional tasting pork or beef sausage roll
► Traditional Sausage Roll
For a fantastic tasting pork or beef sausage roll
Scotch Egg
► Cheese Sauce
Quick and easy to make sauce. Ideal for use in ready meals like lasagne
► White Sauce
Ideal for use with fish or to make ready meals like lasagne
Scotch Pie
► Scotch Pie
Award winning scotch pie which is deliciously peppery
► Scotch Pie Seasoning
A Scobies best seller, our award winning scotch pie mix, used by bakers across the country for the fantastic peppery Scotch Pie
Steak Pie & Rounds
► Minced Beef & Onion Gravy
Dark Gravy Mix is suitable for making gravy for steak pie and minced rounds.
► Steak Gravy
Our best selling, award winning Steak Pie Seasoning and Gravy Thickener, which is ideal for a steak and kidney pie or added to meat as a gravy
► Steak Pie
Rich mix ideal for perfect steak pies, steak and kidney pies or mince rounds
Sweet Bakery
► Cupcake
► French Herb
► Hunters Style BBQ Sauce
A smokey BBQ mix, for a great tasting pie, pastie or slice.
► Mediterranean
► Onion
► Oriental
► Sweet Chilli
► Tuscan

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