► African Berbere GF 
Berbere is a chilli and spice blend used to season many African dishes. It is used across meat, fish, vegetable and even fruit!

Based on a traditional recipe including Fenugreek, Clove, Ginger and Crushed Chillies.
► African Braai GF 
The word braai (plural braais) is Afrikaans for barbecue or grill and is a social custom in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi.
► South African Peri Peri Coconut GF 
A hot and spicy Portuguese influenced Peri Peri with birds eye chilli and a creamy note of coconut.
► Oriental Szechuan Chilli GF 
A take on the classic Salt & Chilli. The Oriental Szechuan Chilli Rub would work great in a double pack of flavours. It has the distinct flavour of Szechuan. Genuine Szechuan powder is used in this recipe also, so you will get the mild numbing effect associated with this ingredient.
► Sri Lankan Coconut Curry GF 
A sweeter version of the Sri Lankan Curry containing chillies. This version is much milder and still holds the attributes of a Sri Lankan Curry with onion, garlic, lemon grass and natural coconut flavour.

Would work great as a twin flavour pack with its chilli counter part.
► Sri Lankan Curry GF 
One of the hottest identified trends for 2020. This flavour is a powerful Sri Lankan Curry, works great in sausage and pork belly especially. Look out for the added kick from Cobra Chilli or Mia Mirris, a chilli that's synonymous to Sri Lankan cooking.
► Cherry Cola & Chilli  GF 
A sticky BBQ flavour, prepared for the BBQ grill. Caramelise the sugar in this glaze for a sweet meat treat. The Cherry comes through first, with a little warmth at the end.

It is a child friendly recipe or one for the true American BBQ enthusiast.
► Florida BBQ GF 
Florida BBQ, a new take on Regionalisation. This has a smokiness of BBQ, sweetness from brown sugar and adding an orange flavour gives this a fresh twist.
► Maple BBQ
A deliciously sweet sausage with a hint of smoke
► Texan BBQ GF 
A Texan style BBQ - Smoked Paprika and Ancho chilli.
British Cumberland
► Butchers Choice Cumberland Sausage
For all you butchers who require a generous amount of pepper accompanied by a strong herby taste.
► Standard Cumberland Sausage
A generous amount of pepper is added to this all round spicy seasoning and is accompanied by a herby after taste.
► The Best GF Cumberland
A generous amount of pepper is added to the seasoning and is accompanied by a strong herby taste.
British Pork
► Butchers Choice Pork Sausage
For all you butchers who require a generous amount of nutmeg, thyme, parsley and pepper.
► Economy Pork
Economy in name but not in flavour. Bursting with extracted spices and herbs.
► Standard Pork Sausage
A generous amount of nutmeg, thyme, parsley and pepper is added to this all round porky seasoning.
► The Best GF Pork Sausage
A true meaty sausage seasoning with generous amounts of nutmeg, thyme, parsley and pepper.
► Ancho Chilli & Orange GF 
Mexican Cuisine is one of Foodmaker's main identified trends. The flavour base in this recipe of ancho chilli, garlic, paprika and a strong hit of orange give a new take to "Mexican Flavour".

This core flavour is supported by demerara sugar for that burnt sugar flavour, crushed chillies and natural orange flavours.
► Chipotle & Maple GF 
A clash of Heat and Sweet. A strong Maple overtone, and you feel the heat building in the background. One of Foodmaker's favourites; and works great on applications from Sausage to Burger to tossing across Vegetables for roasting!
► Jalepeno Chilli & Honey GF 
North American BBQ trend Hot Jalapeño chilli with sweet honey with the addition of creamy Cheddar combine for a spicy sweet taste with a savoury finish.
► Smokey Maple GF 
American BBQ isn't complete without Maple Syrup! This seasoning gives the aroma and flavour of maple, whilst being combined with the smokiness of a smokey Ancho chilli!

Put it on the BBQ, and char the flavour some more.
► Sriracha & Maple  GF 
An Asian twist, combining ginger, garlic and savoury flavours with a burst of chilli heat and a subtle sweet note of maple.
► Sticky Korean Chilli
A take on the traditional Korean cuisine bursting with garlic, onion and chilli all rounded off with the natural sweetness of honey.
► Sweet Chilli
Deliciously sweet with a spicy kick
► Triple Treat Mexican
Three types of chilli for your tastebuds to tackle.
► Vusa Style GF 
Vusa, meaning Fire and Excitement in Zulu. Citrus elements and then a build of heat. We've based this on the Nando's Vusa Sauce to offer a new, but mainstream take on Peri Peri.

It is hot, but chilli used for flavour. This isn't a chilli challenge!
► Peri Peri & Apple GF 
A hot and spicy African influenced Peri Peri with Birds Eye Chilli sourced from Middle Africa, and a sweet note of apple to calm the heat down. A fresh take on a classic!

The Foodmaker NPD team have also created an African Peri Peri Coconut. The inspiration coming from a Mozambique Peri Peri Recipe.
► Russian Shashlik GF 
A classic Russian kebab seasoning great for the Summer BBQ season especially with the World cup in Russia last year - World Cup/Summer BBQ
► Cherry Cola & Chilli GF 
British trend using dark cherries to create a sweet festive sausage
► Treacle & Prune GF 
Traditional British trend with a Christmas inspired sausage containing black treacle & sweet prunes.
► Garlic, Lemon & Chilli GF 
► Caribbean Curry GF 
► Mughlai  GF 
A North Indian fragrant curry spice mix great with Chicken and a summer BBQ.
► Punjabi Dhaba GF 
Punjabi Dhaba is a roadside restaurant in the Indian subcontinent. Throughout India & Pakistan, the word dhaba has come to represent any restaurant that serves Punjabi food, especially the heavily spiced and fried Punjabi fare.
► Tandoori
An authentic tasting Tandoori spiced mix replicating the flavours from the Clay oven.
Latin American
► Lousiana Creole GF 
Creole is a seasoning based on a blend of three peppers; Cayenne, Black Pepper and White Pepper with a mix of Thyme, Oregano, Garlic and Onion. In this recipe we've also added a Charcoal Flavour, to give it a "just off the BBQ" flavour.

Creole, a more "refined" variation of Cajun.
► Trinidadian Curry GF 
A balanced curry base containing ginger, garlic, turmeric and also the Trinidad Scorpion for an extra bite!
► Yucatan GF 
From the streets of Mexico. This flavour is citrus, fresh and has a little chilli heat. A brand new flavour, that brings something unique to the table.

► Butchers Choice Lincolnshire
For all you butchers who require a generous amount of sage accompanied by a warm pepper back note.
► Economy Lincolnshire
Economy in name but not in flavour. Bursting with extracted sage and pepper.
► Standard Lincolnshire
A generous amount of sage is added to this all round herby seasoning and is accompanied by a warm pepper after back note.
► The Best GF Lincolnshire Sausage
Linconshire sausages are distinguished from all other British sausages by the predominant use of sage giving it its unique flavour. Our best seasoning is bursting with sage and complimented with warm pepper back notes.
North American
► Blackened Cajun
Delicious spicy sausage from the heart of Louisiana
► Maple & Mustard GF 
Traditional British trend Maple & Mustard.
► Texan Hotlink GF 
Ancho Chilli style with smoke and black pepper.
Out There Flavours
► Smoked Salt & Tellicherry Pepper  GF 
Tellicherry pepper is a high quality grade of uniform, large, "bold" Malabar pepper, combining this with smoked sea salt gives a premium seasoning with lots of provenance to go with a premium sausage.
South African
► Boerewors
The traditional South African sausage, made to the traditional recipe
► Venison
Herby sausage to complement and enhance the unique flavour of venison
► Venison & Juniper
A hint of juniper to complement and enhance the unique flavour of venison

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