The rise in strength of meat free products

The Impossible Burger being petitioned to be added to the McDonalds menu, Byron burger adding the Beetnik Burger to their menu's and Tesco now to launch a plant based steak across 400 of it's national...     
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Foodmaker Development Chef Andy Benn is taking on a great challenge

Foodmaker Development Chef Andy Benn is taking on a great challenge to raise money for an even greater cause. If you can please follow the link, read the message, like/share the post and if you are ...     
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Vegan products no longer pushing Veganism?

There has been an interesting push on Vegan products lately, whereby the marketeers are no longer really pushing them as "Vegan products" or "meat free alternatives". The reason being that many have t...     
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McDonalds Big Brekkie Burger

Should we see the Big Brekkie Burger available in the UK?! We think so!     
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Natural functional ingredients - the hot topic

Foodmaker are proactively working with clean label and natural ingredients. We're currently trialling a natural phosphate replacer and sodium met replacer for sausage and mince products! This will...     
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A 24 person serving pig in blanket!

Pigs in blankets with a Christmas Foodmaker twist.

But would you leave the Turkey in the fridge and substitute with a 24 person servin...     
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Dry seasoning and sauces!

The Foodmaker development team are prolific in their development of new trend flavours and improvements/matches of our customers current seasonings. We're now increasing our uses of sauces and pastes ...     
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ABP Doncaster Fundraising

ABP Doncaster have recently completed a bike ride from their site to Skegness as a fundraiser for a very special cause. If you would like to donate to this there's still time via the go fund me page ...     
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New development: Tandoori street food

Foodmaker don't want to just tell you how different we are, we want to show you. Get in touch to arrange a visit to our site in Corby.

New development: Tandoori sausage street food. Fusion...     
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4,5-epoxy dec-2(trans)-enal is to be removed from the EU approved list

The flavouring substance 4,5-epoxy dec-2(trans)-enal is to be removed from the EU approved list using the Urgency procedure. This flavouring is reported to be predominantly used in dairy products, mea...     
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Fish and Chip Friday...everyday

One of our new #glutenfree products; Gluten Free Batter.

Tried and tested in fish and chip shops to prove a market and it is now ready to go live! It went down great at local level. It ...     
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Adding Value to Food - Virginia Barbecue Pulled Pork

Scobie & Junor and Foodmaker team up with Meat Trades Journal as part of their ‘Skills’ video series. Head Development Chef, Andy Benn demonstrated how to make Virginia Barbecue Pulled Pork.

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What's on the menu this evening?

"Food porn" is a phrase that's somewhat over used now, but Foodmaker have posted up a few pictures of dishes from our flavour trend presentations lately (more of which can be seen in this post) and th...     
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Emerging mega trend: Food Texture...and a Raindrop Cake?

Though combining textures has been in the food industry for many years, think "Muller Crunch Corner" and "Thin and Crispy" shouts on pizza boxes, it is again growing in popularity. As is in the food ...     
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Amazon Go - the future of shopping

Following innovations in the delivery of groceries by Amazon which we covered in an earlier blog post here

The fut...     
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Food Safari: 10 dishes from around the world not to be missed - Yakiniku

In this series of blogposts, Foodmaker will take you on a food safari and show ten dishes from around the world that are not to be missed. Some will have been tried and tested, some will be recommended...     
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Getting technical with Foodmaker's Gluten Free rusk

Our Gluten Free Rusk is a revolution in making gluten free sausages and burger products, breaders and coaters. To produce these products, simply use this gluten free rusk as a replacement for normal ru...     
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Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino weekend

One of the biggest names in the coffee industry is to have a huge push to grow sales by releasing new products. With a new CEO in place, Kevin Johnson, who will have to ensure the franchise remains ...     
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Grade AA BRC for Foodmaker

If a sociologist came in to a manufacturing site and tried to measure the amount of stress, when would records peak? At BRC time I'm sure!

Foodmaker have achieved a Grade AA BRC certification; ...     
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Hold the press...Gin and Tonic Easter Egg!!

Though I haven't had an Easter Egg for the better part of 10 years, this year I feel will be different!

Following on from Foodmaker's post earlier in the week on Whisky salt and boozy ...     
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Whisky salt!? We won't be reducing the amount of that in the recipes!

Provenance is another growing trend on our shelves. More and more people want to know where their food is coming from, are interested in the heritage and also how the product is sourced. We covered ...     
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Nando's releases new (HOTTER) sauce

The trend we have been seeing over the past few years of increasing heat in our food just continues! Nando's have released a new sauce into their restaurants which is said to be the hottest yet, because the...     
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KFC Clean Eating Burger

Here it is: 'chia-seeded cauliflower bun', 'unsweetened almond yoghurt', 'ice cube relish', 'spiralised chicken breast' and '100 percent British kale'. The KFC clean eating burger!

Will you ...     
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Did someone say Pie?

Foodmaker's development of seasonal Pie, Slice and Sausage Roll flavours has been underway in the Development Kitchen. Some pictures of our tasting day are below. Get in touch for a presentation for y...     
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Inspirational trends from around the World - Pink Himalayan Salt Cave

Andy, our Development Chef, has been doing some work over in Belfast and on his travels came across this...a pink himalayan salt cave. Andy was with our Northern Ireland team at K G McAtamneys in ...     
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Recipe Development

Today's inspiration Persian Style Rub. Check out my Twitter feed @AndyBennchef...     
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Lamb coated in Foodmaker's Gluten Free crumb with truffle oil and herbs

A 5 star plate this Friday; lamb coated in Foodmaker's Gluten Free crumb with truffle oil and herbs.

Serving suggestions with Mushroom Risotto and Parmigiano-Reggiano

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Inspirational trends from around the World - DIY Flavour Extracts

DIY foodie things are certainly a trend in the industry right now, DIY Flavour Extracts being one of them.

Buy some little containers, add the material you want to make an extract from....     
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The British Army, Jordan's F1 race team and Maison Blanc...not your average Chef!

Foodmaker are always looking for new ways to add value to our customers, the latest addition to our team does just that! We're very happy to welcome on board Development Chef
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Big Burgers are all over the place now with the rise of food influenced by the States.

This is another snap from Foodmaker's Trends Session. If you want more info on trends throughout the year, and for Foodmaker to bring a trend session to your development kitchen, get in touch. I'll l...     
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Chef Andy's Inspiration

Developments are continuous with the Foodmaker kitchen, and we're developing concepts like this; Foodmaker's Persian Lamb. If you would like us to bring one of our development sessions to your kitchen...     
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Inspirational trends from around the World - Instant Noodle

The first of many small blogs about inspirational trends that our trend spotters pick up. This one we loved!

Instant Noodles!! Put the Pot Noodle down and make your own healthy alternative ...     
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The Rise of Gluten Free; a trend or here to stay?

Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Lidl; every store you go in you will be fronted with various Gluten Free offerings. 15 years ago Free From products were only available in specialist shops or online. Fast ...     
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“A croissant is something that you dip into a bowl of chocolate or coffee” anyway...but is it straight or curved?!

When is a crescent not curved? When it's a Tesco croissant of course!!

As I sit in Costa awaiting a flight to France; the thought came back to me of Tesco's decision to stop selling curved...     
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Post Brexit; the good, the bad and the jumping on the bandwagon of price increases

As a manufacturer, Foodmaker are keeping price increases following Brexit to an absolute minimum. We understand that yes, prices in the market are going up (for how long we don't know) but our customer...     
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Garlic powder cost is at an all time high, but there's a solution to reduce this cost

Foodmaker have developed a Garlic Replacement Recipe, made from natural ingredients which can mimic the flavour of garlic in the recipe...whilst halving the current cost!! If garlic is in your recipe at abo...     
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Scobie & Junor's Nitrite Replacer hits the headlines of!!

You may have seen in the previous blog post's that Foodmaker's parent company Scobie & Junor had a fitting reply to the BBC programme The Truth About...Meat. This response was "Hey BBC, we've already...     
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Do you eat food past the sell by date? And how much sugar is in that muffin you had at Starbucks!?

The hidden calories that are in some of the foods available in fast food restaurants is under scrutiny. Restaurants, Cafe's and Pubs will be named and shamed unless...     
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“Hey BBC…you should have spoken to Foodmaker's parent company, Scobie & Junor!”

Did you catch the BBC documentary ‘The Truth About…Meat’? If not, then it’s worth watching. It’s currently available...     
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What will you be eating in Summer 2017? Also suggest your own flavours!

Foodmaker strive to be at the forefront of food technology and flavours. As part of this drive we are committed to analysing the market, using our own in house bespoke written market research software “FREDA” and...     
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I’m paid to watch The Great British Bake Off!

Well not me personally, but someone is, what a fantastic job! Morrison’s have employed their first ever ...     
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Technology is changing the way we shop even more – delivery to your door within an hour!

The differences in the behaviour of consumers now compared to twenty years ago, even ten years ago, is very much like chalk and cheese and will continue to change. Consumers are becoming much more a...     
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Traceability is not a trend, it's reality

Our end consumers are becoming much more focussed on the traceability of their food, they want transparency of the supply chain and are becoming increasingly sensitive to detail of how products are ...     
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American BBQ turns up the heat

The rise in popularity of American BBQ in the last 18 months has been phenomenal. Brand leaders, both in retail and food service, are driving this trend forward. Searching for “BBQ” on Foodmaker's own market...     
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