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Our team of Development Specialists are at the forefront of the flavour creation in Foodmaker. With over 60 years of combined experience within the team, their passion for understanding flavours only grows with their experience. At Foodmaker we have various tools to track, understand and forecast flavours.

Download the latest Foodmaker seasonal range justification document here

Many companies provide a forecast document. Where Foodmaker are unique is that we create various seasoning samples ready to send out immediately for you to try the top forecasted flavours in different applications. You can request your sample boxes here.
Foodmaker Lab

Top Trending Flavours

► Trinidadian Curry
► Maple BBQ
► Sri Lankan Curry
► Carolina Reaper
► Russian Shashlik
► Cherry Cola & Chilli
► South African Peri Peri Coconut
► Nimbu Pani Crumb
► Smoky Maple
► Lousiana Creole

The examples above change every time you visit this page. We have hundreds of concept and actual recipes in our database. Click here to see our portfolio.

Have Your Input

We love to hear from people all over the world about their experiance of exciting new flavour trends.

If you have seen a flavour you think should appear in our next Forecast magazine, please tell our flavour team now!


Our Bespoke Market Research Software

Whilst a number of companies use Mintel as a tool, Foodmaker noticed the it didn't give enough indepth information about sausages & burgers we required to predict flavours accurately; we needed something that had it's finger firmly on the pulse and so FREDA was born.

FREDA is a unique market trends analysis tool developed in house and used only by Foodmaker and our customers. We're building the most comprehensive database in the UK and Ireland showing the launch of new products in the industry.

FREDA includes:
  • Burger & Sausage ranges on sale in major supermarkets throughout the UK
  • Analysis of flavour leading categories such as snacks and crisps to capture flavour trends
  • Added to and updated weekly
  • Full Analysis of product positioning, claims & ingredients
As a Foodmaker customer you will have access to our research; hopefully this will help you plan developments, identify new areas you can compete in and ultimately grow your business. Try FREDA for yourself and run a limited report here.

Spotting the New Trends for Our Customers

Foodmaker's development specialists will interpret the data from FREDA which makes up the majority of our Forecast document.

To enhance and verify our knowledge of the food industry trends, Foodmaker have also partnered with a dedicated market research company who have a network of trend spotters globally. Our forecasts feed from the information from around the world, along with the assistance of a Development Chef, we ensure our customers have the best possible knowledge.

Foodmaker are able to conduct a full presentation on the trends within the market on your site, or for you to visit Foodmaker. Contact us to book a Forecast Presentation, we'll even get you tasting and you may identify the “next big flavour” for your company!
Foodmaker Lab

Development Chef

We keep on trend with our team of development chefs that bring the latest foods and tastes right into our lab.

We use various creative cuisine and hospitality trained chefs to create the latest magical dishes that are trending just now.

Our latest chef session highlighted that the following trends:
  • Retro is back.... for example Chicken Kievs
  • TV programs such as Masterchef are creating interest in more adventurous activities in the home
  • Street Food from Morocco is making traction with the British palette
  • Vanilla is being used more and more...


Seasonings are often the most important ingredients in worldwide cuisine; by imparting their essential zesty flavours, they create the depth of taste that ultimately determines the success of any finished dish.

As seasoned pioneers, the authenticity integrity of all our seasonings is of utmost importance to us. As such, we set out to source the outstanding ingredients of genuine importance to us.
Foodmaker Lab

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